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Module 1: Introduction to Data Science

  • What is Data Science?
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • What is Deep Learning?
  • What is AI?
  • Data Analytics & it’s types

Module 2: Introduction to Python

  • What is Python?
  • Why Python?
  • Installing Python
  • Python IDEs

Module 3: Python Basics

  • Python Basic Data types
  • Lists
  • Slicing
  • IF statements
  • Loops
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Functions
  • Array
  • Selection by position & Labels

Module 4: Python Packages

  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Sci-kit Learn
  • Mat-plot library

Module 5: Importing Data

  • Reading CSV files
  • Saving in Python data
  • Loading Python data objects
  • Writing data to csv file

Module 6: Manipulating Data

  • Selecting rows/observations
  • Rounding Number
  • Selecting columns/fields
  • Merging data
  • Data aggregation
  • Data munging techniques

Module 7: Statistics Basics

  • Central Tendency
  • Probability Basics
  • Standard Deviation
  • Bias variance Trade off
  • Distance metrics
  • Outlier analysis
  • Missing Value treatment
  • Correlation

Module 8: Error Metrics

  • Classification
  • Regression

Module 9: Machine Learning

  • Supervised Learning
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic regression

Module 10: Unsupervised Learning

  • K-Means
  • K-Means ++
  • Hierarchical Clustering

Module 11: SVM

  • Support Vectors
  • Hyperplanes
  • 2-D Case
  • Linear Hyperplane

Module 12: SVM Kernel

  • Linear
  • Radial
  • polynomial

Module 13: Other Machine Learning algorithms

  • K – Nearest Neighbour
  • Naïve Bayes Classifier
  • Decision Tree – CART
  • Decision Tree – C50
  • Random Forest


  • Perceptron
  • Multi-Layer perceptron
  • Markov Decision Process
  • Logical Agent & First Order Logic
  • AL Applications

Module 15: Deep Learning Algorithms

  • CNN – Convolutional Neural Network
  • RNN – Recurrent Neural Network
  • ANN – Artificial Neural Network

Module 16: Introduction to NLP

  • Text Pre-processing
  • Noise Removal
  • Lexicon Normalization
  • Lemmatization
  • Stemming
  • Object Standardization

Module 17: Text to Features

  • Syntactical Parsing
  • Dependency Grammar
  • Part of Speech Tagging
  • Entity Parsing
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Topic Modelling
  • N-Grams
  • TF – IDF
  • Frequency / Density Features
  • Word Embedding’s

Module 18: Tasks of NLP

  • Text Classification
  • Text Matching
  • Levenshtein Distance
  • Phonetic Matching
  • Flexible String Matching

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  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Data Cloud AI Architect
  • Senior AI Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Project Manager -AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics & AI
  • AI Engineer Trainee
  • Data Engineer-AI

Artificial Intelligence Internship/Course Details

Artificial Intelligence internship jobs in Derry City
Artificial Intelligence Even though AI has been studied for more than half a century, we have yet to produce a machine that is as intelligent as a human. Our online education program requires you to become an Advanced Industrial Technologies specialist. The ultimate goal of AI is to create machines that can learn, plan, and solve problems on their own. Firms can use this to simulate various scenarios and change the required activities to increase efficiency. Of course, simulating human intelligence is a difficult endeavor that necessitates expertise in areas such as cybersecurity, blockchain, robotics, generative AI with virtual reality, edge AI with IoT, and edge computing. We are here to help you from the beginning of the course until the very conclusion, including resume-building advice and interview recommendations. Deep Learning is at the heart of AI, which might be a basic software development capability. Now and again, humans make blunders. Connect to our artificial intelligence coaching in Derry City to advance your career as an artificial intelligence engineer. Learn how to create efficient AI, self-sustaining systems, cutting-edge AI models, Deep Q-Learning, A3C, and much more.

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