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DevOps Overview

  • Waterfall, Agile and DevOps
  • DevOps (What, Why, Benefits)
  • Overview – CICD

AWS Fundamentals

  • Physical and Virtual Servers
  • Public/Private Cloud Computing
  • AWS/Azure/GCP (OV)
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Pricing and Usage Policy
  • IAM Service
  • EC2 Service
  • RDS Service
  • Cloud Storages
  • Elastic IP, CloudFront and ELB (OV)


  • AWS Free Tier Account Creation
  • IAM User Creation
  • EC2 Instance Creation
  • Security Group Configuration
  • Creation of database using RDS
  • Connecting Ec2 Instance
  • Connecting database
  • Creation of S3 storage

Linux Fundamentals

  • Linux
  • Linux Architecture
  • Linux Distributions
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • File Permission Management
  • User Creation
  • Shell Scripts
  • SSH and VI Utility


  • Creation of User
  • Establishing SSH Connection to the Server
  • File creation and Manipulation using VI editor
  • Managing permissions
  • Basic commands execution
  • Writing Shell Scripts Program

Java Concepts
Build Tools – Maven

Git and GitHub

  • Version Control System
  • Central vs Distributed Version Control System
  • Introduction to Git
  • Installation and setting up Git
  • Important Git Commands
  • Creating and Managing git Repositories
  • Branching, Merging, Stashing, Rebasing, Reverting and Resetting
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Managing Remote Repositories


  • Installation and Configuration of git
  • Creating Git Repositories
  • Demonstrating various Git repositories
  • Merging Branches and Managing merge conflicts
  • Stashing, Reverting, Rebasing and Resetting
  • Collaborating local and remote repositories

Jenkins :-

  • Overview of Continuous Integration
  • Difference between Continuous vs Traditional Integration
  • Overview of Jenkins
  • Jenkins Master-Slave Architecture
  • Jenkins Installation and Configuration
  • Jenkins Plugins
  • Jenkins Management
  • Jenkins Freestyle and Pipeline Jobs
  • Scripted and Declarative Pipelines
  • Configuring Slave Node to Jenkins

Practical :

  • Installation and Configuration of Jenkins
  • Configuration of Tools
  • Configuration of Plugins
  • Creation of Freestyle Jobs, scripted and declarative pipeline jobs
  • Demonstrate pipeline triggering using GitHub webhooks
  • Scripted and Declarative pipelines
  • Integration of Code Coverage Tools and Static Code analysis tools
  • Triggering pipelines using Git Web Hooks
  • Creation of CICD pipelines
  • Adding slave node to Jenkins

Docker, and Docker Hub

  • Introduction to Virtualization and Containerization
  • What is Containerization
  • Docker Architecture
  • Docker Hub (OV)
  • Docker Installation
  • Docker Commands
  • Container Modes
  • Port Binding
  • Docker file
  • Managing Docker Images
  • Running and Managing Containers
  • Docker Volume
  • Docker Compose
  • Overview of Docker Swarm

Practical :

  • Installation of Docker and Docker Compose on AWS EC2
  • Running Docker Commands
  • Writing Docker Files for various applications
  • Building Docker Images
  • Pushing Images to Docker Hub
  • Running Docker Containers
  • Container Port Binding
  • Running multiple containers using Docker Compose file
  • Persisting container data using Docker Volume
  • Initialize a docker swarm and demonstrate workload deployments


  • Overview of Container Orchestration
  • Different between Docker swarm and Kubernetes Cluster
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Installation of Kubernetes – Minikube and EKS
  • Kubernetes Nodes
  • Kubernetes Pods
  • Kubernetes Deployments
  • Rolling updates and rollbacks
  • Scaling up and down of the application
  • Services in Kubernetes


  • Installation and configuration of Kubernetes Minikube
  • Creation of Pods and Deployments using ad-hoc Commands
  • Creation of Pods and Deployments using YAML files
  • Scaling up and Scaling Down of the application
  • Rolling out Deployments and Rolling Back
  • Creation of Services Configuration Automation using Ansible
  • Overview of Configuration Automation
  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Ansible Architecture
  • Components of Ansible
  • Installation and Configuration of Ansible
  • Ansible ad-hoc commands
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Ansible Variables
  • Ansible Handlers
  • Ansible Role using Ansible Galaxy


  • Installation and Configuration Ansible
  • Running Ansible ad-hoc commands.
  • Writing Ansible Playbooks to Configure Servers
  • Creating Ansible Roles


  • Introduction to Terraform
  • Terraform Vs Ansible
  • Terraform Architecture
  • Terraform Configuration
  • Terraform Commands
  • Managing Terraform Resources
  • Terraform End to End Project


  • Installation of Terraform on AWS EC2 Instance
  • Writing Terraform Configuration
  • Creation of AWS EC2 instance using terraform
  • Managing AWS resources using terraform
  • End to End Infrastructure Creation Project.

Prometheus and Grafana

  • Overview of continuous monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring tools in DevOps
  • Installation and Configuration of Prometheus and Grafana
  • Prometheus Architecture
  • Monitoring using Prometheus
  • Dashboard visualization using Grafana


  • Installation and Configuration of tools
  • Monitoring Targets using Prometheus
  • Visualizing Reports using Grafana

Project / Internship (Any)

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  • DevOps Team Lead

DevOps Internship/Course Details

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DevOps Course Objectives:Understand the principles and practices of DevOpsGain proficiency in managing cloud infrastructure using AWS servicesLearn version control with GitAutomate software build and deployment using Maven and JenkinsImplement configuration management with AnsibleContainerize applications using DockerOrchestrate containers with KubernetesInfrastructure as Code with TerraformMonitor system performance using Prometheus and Grafana. Students will learn how to effectively manage infrastructure, automate deployment processes, and monitor system performance using various technologies and services. This syllabus covers a comprehensive range of topics in DevOps, from cloud services and infrastructure management to automation tools and monitoring solutions. Course Description: This course introduces fundamental concepts and tools used in DevOps practices. Each module is designed to build upon the previous one, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of DevOps practices and technologies.

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