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Google Adwords (PPC) - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

  • Introduction to Paid Advertising

    • What is Paid advertising
    • Benefits of Paid advertising
    • Business objectives in paid ads
    • Branding Campaign
    • Direct marketing campaign
    • Paid advertising channels
    • Paid Bidding Strategies
    • Premium Ad Networks
  • Introduction to Google Ads(PPC)

    • Overview of Google Ads
    • Account Setup
    • Billing Methods
    • Old Version vs. New version
    • Google Ads Interface Tour
    • Basic Google ads Terminology
    • Recent updates in Google Ads
    • Account structure in Google Ads
    • Account Limits
  • PPC(Pay Per Click Campaign)

    • Types of Campaigns
    • Defining the objective of the campaign
    • Location Targeting
    • Language Settings
    • Google Partners
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Defining the Budget
    • Ad Scheduling
    • Ad delivery and Ad Rotation
  • AdGroups and Keywords Setup

    • What is Ad Group?
    • How to set up Ad Groups
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Match Types
    • Broad Match
    • Broad Match Modifier
    • Phrase Match
    • Exact Match
    • Negative Match
    • Keyword Planner Tool
    • Creating a Plan with Estimations
    • Adding Keywords to Ad Groups
  • Ad Formats and Guidelines

    • Types of Ads
    • Expanded Ad Format
    • Responsive Ad Format
    • Call Only Ad
    • Structure of Ad
    • Elements of Effective Ads
    • Writing the Ad Copy
    • Final URL of Ad
    • URL Options
    • Mobile URL Option
    • Best and Worst Ads Examples
    • Google Ads Guidelines
    • Copyrights & Trademark Guidelines
  • Google Ads Auction and Bidding

    • What is Ads Auction
    • What is Ad Rank
    • What is Quality Score
    • How to improve Quality Score
    • Improving Ad Relevance
    • Improving Landing Page Experience
    • Improving the CTR
    • What is Actual CPC?
    • How QS affects the Cost?
    • Types of CPC’s
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Auction Insights Tool
  • Ad Extensions

    • Sitelinks Extension
    • Callout Extension
    • Structured Snippet
    • Call Extension
    • Message Extension
    • Location Extension
    • Affiliate Location Extension
    • Price & Promotion Extension
    • App Extension
    • Automated Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking

    • What is Conversion
    • Types of Conversions
    • Website Conversion
    • App Conversion
    • Call Conversion
    • Offline Conversions
    • Implementation Conversion Tracking
    • Practical Case Study
    • Analyzing Conversion Reports
    • ROI Calculation
  • Campaign Reports Analysis

    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Different Levels of Data Analysis
    • Segmenting Data
    • Filtering Data
    • Column Customization
    • Search Terms Report
    • Auction Insights Report
    • Keyword Reports
    • Automated Rules
    • Dimensions Report
  • Display Ads Campaign

    • What is Display Ads
    • Objectives of Display Campaign
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Budget Settings
    • Audience Targeting Methods
    • Demographic Targeting
    • Content-based Targeting
    • Automated Targeting
    • Types of Ad Formats
    • Creating Custom Ads
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Gmail Ads
    • Creating a Gmail Ads Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign

    • What is Remarketing
    • How to build audience list
    • Types of Remarketing Audience
    • Website audience
    • App Audience
    • Customer List
    • Custom Remarketing List
    • Create a Remarketing Campaign
    • Remarketing Ads
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Common troubleshooting issues.
    • Measuring Results of Campaign
  • Video Marketing with YouTube

    • Why video marketing?
    • Setting a Video Campaign
    • The objective of Video marketing
    • Instream Ads
    • Discovery Ads
    • YouTube Targeting options
    • Bidding Types
    • Type of YouTube Ads
    • Creating a YouTube Ad
    • Remarketing Lists on YouTube
    • Reporting and Analysis
  • Shopping Ads Campaign

    • What are Shopping ads
    • Shopping Campaign Setup
    • Google Merchant Centre
    • Datafeed Setup
    • Types of Datafeed
    • Datafeed Properties
    • Adgroups and Product groups
    • Bidding strategies
    • Reporting and Analysis
  • Mobile Marketing Campaign

    • Why Mobile marketing
    • Types of Mobile marketing campaigns
    • Creating Universal app campaign
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Location & Budget settings
    • Ad Formats
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Reports
  • Google Ads Tools

    • Opportunities Tool
    • Account Access Levels
    • Change History Tool
    • PPC Manager Account (My Client Center)
    • Google Ads Editor
    • Google Scripts
    • Business Manager
    • Account Linking

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Google Adwords (PPC) Internship/Course Details

Google Adwords (PPC) internship jobs in Ireland
Google Adwords (PPC) When compared to traditional advertising, Google Ads is more cost-effective, and the benefits multiply for large organizations because you can effectively scale ad expenditure. Advanced Google Ads employment from Nestsoft' was conducted as a live training in our own home, with our specialist trainers clearly explaining the results for the marketing notion. Nestsoft's Google AdWords training is one of the most effective and thorough available. The majority of faults made after Google Ad campaigns have been run, on the other hand, are simple to cure and rectify without the need to seek out or hire specialists. However, many of them are operated at a loss, resulting in businesses missing out on the tremendous potential to boost their return on investment. It is Google's advertising platform, where users are presented with ads after performing a search. One of the most basic advantages of using Google AdWords is the ability to influence the audience with the most effective bargain they might be interested in. PPC ads are not affected by algorithm modifications. Google Ads (PPC) online coaching is used to teach students how to run a successful Google campaign. PPC can track conversions as well as the process potential buyers follow from awareness to purchase.

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Institution Overview innovated in 1971, Dundalk Institute of Technology( DkIT) is an independent Institute, established under the Regional Technical Colleges Act, 1992. ie/about-dkit/governance/academiccouncil/academic-council-subcommittees. Standing Committee; 2. During the academic time2015/16 the Terms of Reference for the DkIT Graduate Research Studies Board( GRSB) were amended to increase the class from Academic seminaries, with a view to easing cross departmental literacy and collaborative experience. Once espoused, the twinkles of all Academic Council meetings are tabled at Governing Body meetings. DkIT Graduate Research Studies Board( DkIT GRSB). Set in a state- of- the- art 35 hectare lot, DkIT provides quality literacy and tutoring to circa,300 scholars across four seminaries in Business and Humanities, Engineering, Health and Science, and Informatics and Creative trades in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Level 6 to PhD position, in addition to its long history in internships. See the Constitution of the Academic Council at https//www. The Governing Body appointed the first DkIT Academic Council in 1993. Part B Internal Quality Assurance Enhancement and Impact Part B of the AQR documents and captures QA conditioning, developments and advancements accepted by institutions during the reporting period and their impact.

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