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  • Wordpress Installation
  • Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting
  • Understanding FTP
  • Wordpress Admin/Settings/Dashboard
  • Wordpress Toolbar
  • Why CMS (Content Management System)
  • Managing Posts, Pages and Blogs
  • Using Page Templates
  • Visual Editor, Formatting, Hyperlinks etc.
  • Using Wordpress for Website Development
  • Manage Users (Adding & Managing)
  • Installation Social Media Plugins
  • Installation Form Plugins
  • Installation Woocommerce / E-commerce Plugin
  • Managing Media: Image Gallery, Video & Multimedia
  • Manage Categories, Tags and Menu Links
  • Discussion Settings
  • Themes & Widgets (Installing, Appearance and Activating)
  • Customize Logo, Title, & Tagline
  • Customize Header, Colors, Layout
  • Customize Wordpress for Mobile (Responsive)
  • Adding a Site Icon (Favicon)
  • Installing & Manage Wordpress Plugins
  • Wordpress Database (DBManager)
  • Yoast SEO (Wordpress SEO)
  • Upgrading / Updating Wordpress
  • Security Plugins
  • Automated Backups

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Find jobs related to Wordpress in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and recruitment websites (monsterindia, placementindia, naukri, jobsNEAR.in, indeed.co.in, shine.com etc.) based in Belfast, chennai and europe countries. You can find many jobs for freshers related to the job positions in Belfast.

  • WordPress Developer
  • Web Developer
  • WordPress Expert
  • Web UI Designer
  • WordPress Theme Developer
  • WordPress Plugins Developer
  • Website Designer
  • E Commerce Developer
  • WordPress Trainer
  • Full Stack Developer

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Wordpress internship jobs in Belfast
Wordpress We provide coaching on WordPress and facilitate students to create their websites while teaching WordPress. While WordPress is not at all the only website operating system around, it is the unquestionable leader in this area. Our WordPress classes are taken from basic level to Advanced Level, handled by experts in this field. After completion of the course, if you have any doubt in this field we always help you. WordPress has many attractive plugins that will help to easy to create web pages and reduce your working time. You will not only gain knowledge of WordPress and Advanced tools but also gain exposure to Industry best practices, Aptitude & Soft Skills. WordPress is the most popular and using this you can simple way to create your own website or blog. Actually, WordPress was primarily a tool for creating blogs rather than traditional sites. It doesn't need more coding knowledge so it is very simple to build a website. Nowadays most companies use WordPress for website creation because it's Responsive design, best for blogging, SEO Friendly, minimal coding, and also mobile-friendly.

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The enviable salary packages and track record of our previous students are the proof of our excellence. Please go through our students' reviews about our training methods and faculty and compare it to the recorded video classes that most of the other institutes offer. See for yourself how TechnoMaster is truly unique.

List of Training Institutes / Companies in Belfast

  • OpenCollegeNetworkNorthernIreland | Location details: Sirius House, 10 Heron Road, Belfast BT3 9LE, United Kingdom | Classification: Charity, Charity | Visit Online: ocnni.org.uk | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9046 3990
  • GigaTraining | Location details: Unit 130 North City Business Centre, 2 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast BT15 2GG, United Kingdom | Classification: Training centre, Training centre | Visit Online: gigatraining.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9581 1202
  • AtlanticusDigital | Location details: 19 Arthur St, Belfast BT1 4GA, United Kingdom | Classification: Marketing consultant, Marketing consultant | Visit Online: atlanticusdigital.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 7889 399349
  • Queen'sUniversityBelfastEEECS | Location details: 16 Malone Rd, Belfast BT9 6SB, United Kingdom | Classification: University department, University department | Visit Online: qub.ac.uk | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9097 4639
  • 3CreateWebDesign&HostingBelfast,NorthernIreland | Location details: 239a Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 7EN, United Kingdom | Classification: Website designer, Website designer | Visit Online: 3create.co.uk | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9092 3403
  • ObbiSolutions | Location details: 26 Wellington Park, Belfast BT9 6DL, United Kingdom | Classification: Software company, Software company | Visit Online: obbisolutions.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9038 8036
  • WellingtonIT | Location details: 91 Wellington Park, Belfast BT9 6DP, United Kingdom | Classification: Computer support and services, Computer support and services | Visit Online: well-it.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9068 1531
  • WorkforceTrainingServicesLtd | Location details: 88-120 Springfield Rd, Belfast BT12 7AJ, United Kingdom | Classification: Training provider, Training provider | Visit Online: workforceonline.org | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9024 7016
  • AonghusITServices | Location details: 17 Malone Rd, Belfast BT9 6RU, United Kingdom | Classification: Computer training school, Computer training school | Visit Online: business.site | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 7856 256653
  • Sureskills | Location details: 58-60 Upper Arthur St, Belfast BT1 4GJ, United Kingdom | Classification: , | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline):
  • IoDNorthernIreland | Location details: 4 Royal Ave, Belfast BT1 1DA, United Kingdom | Classification: Business networking company, Business networking company | Visit Online: iod.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9694 6740
  • SynergyLearning | Location details: Unit 18, The Innovation Center, Queen's Road, Belfast BT3 9DT, United Kingdom | Classification: Software company, Software company | Visit Online: synergy-learning.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9042 2000
  • Codefixer | Location details: 17 Malone Rd, Belfast BT9 6RT, United Kingdom | Classification: Marketing agency, Marketing agency | Visit Online: codefixer.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9092 3383
  • AurionLearning | Location details: 475 Ormeau Rd, Ormeau, Belfast BT7 3GR, United Kingdom | Classification: Learning center, Learning center | Visit Online: aurionlearning.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9064 3211
  • G-Science | Location details: 18 Ormeau Ave, Belfast BT2 8HS, United Kingdom | Classification: Software company, Software company | Visit Online: gscience.io | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 7881 092136
  • IRPCommerce | Location details: Concourse 3, Catalyst, Queens Rd, Belfast BT3 9DT, United Kingdom | Classification: E-commerce service, E-commerce service | Visit Online: irpcommerce.com | Contact Number (Helpline): +44 28 9078 5869
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Following the partition of Ireland in 1921, Belfast have become the seat of presidency for Northern Ireland. The Globalization and World Cities Research Network indexed Belfast as a Gamma + international town in 2020. It additionally has a primary aerospace enterprise. [14] The compilers of Ulster-Scots use diverse transcriptions of neighborhood pronunciations of "Belfast" (with which they every so often also are content)[15][16] consisting of Bilfawst,[17][18] Bilfaust[19] or Baelfawst The county borough of Belfast turned into created while it turned into granted town popularity via way of means of Queen Victoria in 1888,[21] and the town keeps to straddle County Antrim at the left financial institution of the Lagan and County Down at the right. [24] However, this unique 'Belfast Castle' turned into a great deal smaller and of a long way much less strategic significance than close by Carrickfergus Castle, which turned into built at Carrickfergus and turned into in all likelihood constructed withinside the past due 1170s. [33] In hopes of French assistance, in 1798 the Society organised a republican insurrection. [2] By the early nineteenth century, Belfast turned into a primary port. But it turned into with Scottish Presbyterians that the metropolis turned into to develop as an business port. When early withinside the American War of Independence, Belfast Lough turned into raided via way of means of the privateer John Paul Jones, the townspeople assembled their very own Volunteer militia. [24] In 1616, after the Nine Years' War, the closing of the neighborhood line, Conn O'Neill (remembered in Connswater River),[25] turned into compelled to promote their closing stronghold, the Grey Castle or Castle Reagh (An Caisleán Riabhach in Irish)[26] withinside the hills to the east of Belfast, collectively with surrounding lands, to English and Scottish adventurers.

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