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Adobe Premier Pro CC - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

MODULE 1: Touring Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Nonlinear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Expanding the workflow
  • Touring the Adobe Premiere Pro interface

MODULE 2: Setting up a Project

  • start lesson
  • Setting up a project
  • Setting up a sequence

MODULE 3: Importing Media

  • Importing assets
  • Working with the Media Browser
  • Importing images
  • The media cache
  • Capturing the videotape

MODULE 4: Organizing Media

  • The Project panel
  • Working with bins
  • Organizing media with content analysis
  • Monitoring footage
  • Modifying clips

MODULE 5: Essentials of Video Editing

  • Using the Source Monitor
  • Navigating the Timeline
  • Essential editing commands

MODULE 6: Working with Clips and Markers

  • Program Monitor controls
  • Controlling resolution
  • Using markers
  • Using Sync Lock and Track Lock
  • Finding gaps in the Timeline
  • Moving clips
  • Extracting and deleting segments

MODULE 7: Adding Transitions

  • What are transitions?
  • Edit points and handles
  • Adding video transitions
  • Using A/B mode to fine-tune a transition
  • Adding audio transitions

MODULE 8: Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Four-point editing
  • Retiming clips
  • Replacing clips and footage
  • Nesting sequences
  • Regular trimming
  • Advanced trimming
  • Trimming in the Program Monitor

MODULE 9: Putting Clips in Motion

  • Adjusting the Motion effect
  • Changing clip position, size, and rotation
  • Working with keyframe interpolation
  • Using other motion-related

MODULE 10: Multi-camera Editing

  • The multi-camera process
  • Creating a multi-camera sequence
  • Switching multiple cameras
  • Finalizing multi-camera editing
  • Additional multi-camera editing tips

MODULE 11: Editing and Mixing Audio

  • Setting up the interface to work with audio
  • Examining audio characteristics
  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Adjusting audio gain
  • Normalizing audio
  • Creating a split edit
  • Adjusting audio levels in a sequence
  • Working with the Audio Mixer

MODULE 12: Sweetening Sound

  • Sweetening sound with audio effects
  • Adjusting EQ
  • Applying effects in the Audio Mixer
  • Cleaning up noisy audio

MODULE 13: Adding Video Effects

  • Working with effects
  • Keyframing effects
  • Effects presets
  • Frequently used effects

MODULE 14: Color Correction and Grading

  • Color-oriented workflow
  • An overview of color-oriented effect
  • Fixing exposure problems
  • Fixing color balance
  • Specials color effects
  • Creating a look

MODULE 15: Exploring Compositing Techniques

  • What is an alpha channel?
  • Using compositing in your projects
  • Working with the Opacity effect
  • Working with alpha-channel transparencies
  • Color keying a greenscreen
  • Using mattes

MODULE 16: Creating Titles

  • An overview of the Title window
  • Video typography essentials
  • Creating titles
  • Stylizing text
  • Working with shapes and logos
  • Making text roll and crawl

MODULE 17: Managing Your Projects

  • The File menu
  • Using the Project Manager
  • Final project management steps
  • Importing projects or sequences
  • Managing collaboration
  • Managing your hard drives

MODULE 18: Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

  • Overview of export options
  • Exporting single frames
  • Exporting a master copy
  • Working with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Exchanging with other editing applications
  • Recording to tape

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Adobe Premier Pro CC in this contemporary world, Premier pro is a powerful tool for editing videos. Adobe premiere pro includes a wide selection of job opportunities in today’s world. The Adobe Premiere Pro CC - essentials training course teaches you the way to best Premiere pro for your projects. using the responsive interface feature of premier pro you'll add additional productivity and efficiency to your work. Adobe Premiere Pro is a component of the Adobe Creative Suite also it's a timeline-based video editing software application. Adobe team members can share their work with others which creates a simple workflow with no interruptions. Contact us for additional details . Adobe Premiere Pro CC is used for video editing and is multimedia software. Nestsoft offers often scheduled Premiere pro online live ca. it is widely used for film and tv to edit Motion photos.

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