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ASP.NET MVC - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

Section 1 : HTML5

  • Introduction and History
  • Basic tags and attributes

Section 2 : JavaScript

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • JS Variables
  • JSFunctions

Section 3 : CSS3

  • Selectors
  • The box model
  • Backgrounds and Borders
  • Picture
  • Text effects
  • 2D / Transitions
  • Animations
  • Multiple layouts
  • User Interface

Section 4 : Introduction to Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap grid system
  • Bootstrap Grid System - Advanced.

Section 5 : SQL

  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Difference Between DBMS and RDBMS
  • SQL controls
  • DML and DDL functions
  • Groupby, heaving
  • vStored procedure
  • Triggers

Section 6 : Web programming ideas

  • Introduction to Web Programming
  • Client / server technology

Section 7 : .Net Platform

  • framework 4.5
  • Understanding Roll of CTS and CLS
  • Learnbase class libraries

Section 8 : framework 4.5

  • The Net Framework
  • Common language
  • Frameclass Library
  • Waste collection
  • MSIL
  • The type of websites
  • Intrinsic Objects In

Section 9 : Classes and objects

  • Class and objects
  • Methods and Properties
  • Manufacturers
  • Property Procedures
  • Numbers
  • References. Evaluation
  • Structures
  • Namespaces
  • Dynamic Dynamic Language Range Time
  • Abstract class and interfaces
  • Exceptions 4.5

Section 10 : Arrays and Collections

  • Array
  • Changes the ranges
  • ArrayLists and Hashtables
  • Public collections

Section 11 : Web Forms

  • Web Control Class
  • Creating a webform application
  • Handling images
  • Navigating
  • Managing Server Controls

Section 12 : Uploading files

  • Using the file upload control
  • Restrictions

Section 13 : ADO.NET

  • Connection object
  • Command object
  • Datacredders
  • Datasets and Data Adaptors
  • Using SQL Datasource
  • Forms With DataBase Connectivity

Section 14 : State Management

  • Saving Web Applications
  • Using Preserve State
  • session state
  • Application State
  • Master Pages and themes
  • Simple Master Page Nested Master Page
  • Configuring MasterPage Creating Themes
  • Applicable
  • Applying external style
  • Working With Template

Section 15 : Database connection with different architecture

  • Two column architecture
  • Three-dimensional architecture
  • Working With the Procedure
  • FileI / O and streams
  • Working With directories and Files
  • Read and write file

Section 16 : Xml

  • The basics of XML
  • Create XML document
  • XML reader and XML Writer
  • XML Data Binding
  • XML Data Source Control

Section 17 : Linq

  • Linq Introduction
  • LINQ to SQL
  • Linq to Dataset
  • LINQ to XML

Section 18 : User Controls

  • Creating UserControls
  • Interacting seed sir controls
  • Loading User Controls Dynamically

Section 19 : ASP.NET Web Services

  • Introduction to XML Web Services
  • Creating a web service
  • Setting the Web Service attribute
  • Testandrunyourweb service
  • Consumer consumer service in client application

Section 20 : Ajax

  • Understanding Ajax Controls
  • How Ajax works
  • Ajax Server Controls
  • Downloading and Installing the Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Creating an ASPX Page with Ajax

Section 21 : jQuery

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • jQuery effects
  • jQuery html
  • Query ajax
  • Examples

Section 22 : IIS 7

  • Architecture of IIS7
  • IIS Manager
  • Publishing the web application

Section 23 : MVC

  • Introduction to MVC
  • MVC Application
  • MVC folders
  • Adding Controller
  • Adding sight
  • Adding a model

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ASP.NET MVC ASP. NET provides a programming model and infrastructure. Net's configuration information is built-in so it's simple to deploy. you can choose any programing language like C#, J#, VB, etc which is best for your application because its framework is language independent. net MVC coaching to accelerate your career with ASP. net applications. The ASP. NET allows the server to make effective web pages. NET MVC brings faster performance on the client-side as well as within the development process. NET, it become one of the most trendy web programming technologies.

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